After graduating from West Virginia University in 1986 (magna cum laude, with a degree in philosophy of comparative religions concentration), I graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Law in 1992 (Dean's List), not intending to be a lawyer.  Realizing that I needed a marketable degree, though, I decided to attend law school, but to do environmental clean up law in Oak Ridge for DOE on some of their environmental clean ups.  Later, after experiencing a painful divorce myself in 1997, I believed I could develop a practice that would allow clients a more comfortable and affordable setting (with predictable fees), and began my private practice of law in 1998 while working for more than seven years for DOE contractors. 

My father - before passing away - told me two big secrets to his successful practice of law that many attorneys overlook:  run your practice like a business, and do your research.  Keeping his tips in mind at all times, we quickly realized that my clients benefited greatly by what we offered, so I decided to expand to offer primarily agreed divorces, at discount rates, but with high quality representation and communication.  By focusing on one area of practice - and working like a machine - we are able to consistently offer sound advice and have your divorce heard without attorney caused delays.

The rest, as they say, is history.  I now believe we file more agreed divorces than any other firm in the state, while still providing an individualized, comfortable approach.  My clients consistently leave thanking and hugging us from the bottom of their hearts by minimizing the discomfort inherent in their divorce.  In fact, our clients greatly appreciate the comfortable and sympathetic setting in which we practice and routinely leave comforted and, yes, even laughing (I'll tell you funny stories of other cases, while never breaking my duty of confidentiality).

We believe you will also appreciate this approach - low costs, high efficiency, thoroughness, promptness, friendliness, patience and high quality service.  We think you will leave pleasantly surprised by our approach.

We explain thoroughly to you the way your agreed divorce should unfold, what to expect and how we work - all in writing to ensure you have the information.